ISSN 2617-8001 (Print), ISSN 2664-5297 (Online)
Valida M. Ali-zade, Tatyana Shulkina

The Caucasus is the first and only one area within the former Soviet Union identified as a “biodiversity hotspots” among 25 other areas worldwide. Recent publication of the new geographical map confirmed the Caucasus as a part of Europe. Among southern Caucasus countries Azerbaijan is country with the most botanical riches possesing the extremely diverse native flora – a wonderful source for horticulture needs that is provided by each of types of vegetation with valuable ornamental plants. The list of important ornamental plants that there are great possibilities for introduction activity in different environmental conditions and short analysis their origin and distribution  in Azerbaijan  have been shown in the article.Trees, shrubs and herbaceous species, growing in the regions of Azerbaijan, many of which are  promising for gardering are unknown or poorly known in horticulture. It was emphasized the Talysh herbaceous endemics are of considerable horticulture interest because of highly attractive nature. Some species are extremely rare in nature and in cultivation. It is noted, that the large collections of the ornamental plant species are under investigation in the Central Botanical Garden and arboretum in Baku. Some plants from this collection are promising ornamentals and might be successfully grown in the gardens. Azerbaijan is country where many species are dissappeared because of ongoing perils such as habitat loss, over collection, new roads and industrial developments, etc. There are powerful reasons to protect this great diversity of species from increasing pressures, given its exceptional importance for endangered wildlife.

Keywords: ornamental plants, wild species, origin, distribution, introduction, Caucasus