ISSN 2617-8001 (Print), ISSN 2664-5297 (Online)
Molecular systematic characteristics of Rhododendron L. (Ericaceae) taxa in Kaçkar Mountains National Park (Rize/Turkiye)
Vagif Atamov, Elvan Ofluoglu, Fatih Sh. Berish

In this study, the molecular systematic features of Rhododendron L. (Ericaceae) taxa distributed in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park area were investigated. The examined plant materials were collected during field studies between 2013 and 2014. The collected louse samples were transformed into herbarium samples. Then, in order to determine the ITS profiles, DNA isolation was made from the leaf samples taken from each sample by appropriate methods. As a result of the study, morphological structure characterization results of Rhododendron specimens and ITS DNA analysis data confirm that specimens belonging to R. caucasicum, R. ponticum, and R. luteum species are found in Kaçkar Mountains National Park. In addition, ITS DNA analyzes clearly distinguishes the R. luteum species in the selected samples.

Keywords: ITS, leaf samples, morphology, PCR, spesies, taxa