ISSN 2617-8001 (Print), ISSN 2664-5297 (Online)
Alexander S. Zernov, Shahla N. Mirzayeva

In this article, we discuss the results of studying the flora of the Absheron Peninsula. The dynamics of the species composition over the past 70 years is considered. We were unable to find 206 species in the habitats previously recorded by Karyagin in 1952. We included 678 species in the list of flora of the Absheron Peninsula, of which 599 species were classified as native flora. In accordance with the direction of the dynamics of their habitats, we distinguish five groups of native flora species: Extinct (not found on the territory of Absheron for more than 50 years) – seven species, endangered (disappeared in several previously known localities) - 130 species, stable (found in previously known localities) – 209 species, dynamic (disappeared in previously known localities, but found in new localities) - 191 species, progressive (found in previously known localities and found in new localities) - 47 species. It is well known that for any region the adventive element of the flora is more dynamic than the native one. In total, we recorded 97 adventive species for the Absheron peninsula, of which 23 were new species for the flora of the region. We draw attention to the fact that since the beginning of the XIX century, the relative role of various sources of replenishment of the adventitious flora has changed. However, with the beginning of the new millennium, the contribution of railways to the formation of the advent component is noticeably decreasing.The number of new species entering the territory of the Absheron Peninsula by rail is radically decreasing. During the period covering 9 years (from 2012 to 2020), we were not able to find a single new adventive species that was intrude by rail. On the other hands, the activity of cultivated ornamental trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants became more clearly visible. There is a significant increase in the role landfills and wastelands in the formation of the adventive flora of the region.


Keywords: invasion, adventive species, flora dynamics, biodiversity, Absheron, Azerbaijan