ISSN 2617-8001 (Print), ISSN 2664-5297 (Online)
Parvin N. Aghayeva

The article deals with wild species of rare ornamental herbs growing in Quba and Qusar districts of Azerbaijan, south-eastern part of Greater Caucasus. During 2013-2019 years in total, about 500 specimens were collected and identified as 235 taxa based on the main diagnostic morphological characters. Of those 21 taxa belonging to 18 genera were rare plants included in the second edition of the Red Book of Azerbaijan. Considering the latest taxonomic and nomenclatural changes these include Alcea kusariensis, Asrtagalus kubensis, Crocus biflorus subsp. adamii, C. speciosus, Epipactis palustris, Galanthus alpinus, Himantoglossum formosum, Iris caucasica, Limodorum abortivum, Muscari armeniacum, Ophry sapifera, O. sphegodes subsp. mammosa, Orchis purpurea, Planthera chlorantha, Phelypaea coccinea, Primula algida, Primula heterochroma, Pulsatilla albana, Scilla siberica subsp. caucasica, Tanacetum coccineum and Tulipa biebersteiniana belonging to the five orders, seven families. Species have been recorded in more than one altitude zone. Most of rare species occur in low and middle mountain zones. Few species are recorded in higher elevations.  Life forms and flowering period of plants were also investigated. Cephalanthera damasonium, C. longifolia, Fritillaria lutea and Muscari armeniacum are new rare plants that need protection of which insertion to the third edition of the Red Book of Azerbaijan is proposed.

Keywords: Greater Caucasus, diversity, herb plants, life forms, Red Book